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AZATURE Polish Summer Collection 2014 Swatches

AZATURE Polish Summer Collection 2014 Swatches 0

The latest collection of black diamond infused nail lacquers from AZATURE for Summer 2014 has finally arrived.  This five piece collection hits the nail on the head (pun intended) regarding on-trend Great colors.  As customary with AZATURE polishes, these shades also have delightful poems printed on the back, and feature a real black diamond in every bottle!

The AZATURE Summer 2014 Collection includes:

Lapis Diamond: a bold cobalt blue. (This shade is inspired by the lapis diamond. Lapis' intense pigment has been prized by artists- and beauty mavens- for centuries).

Coral Diamond:  a bright beautiful coral. (This shade is inspired by the coral diamond.  This color exudes the warmth and depth of the ocean reefs).

Lavender Diamond: a berry purple hue.  (This shade is inspired by the lavender diamond.  This pale violet shade brings to mind lavender's theraputic scent and decadent color)

Jade Diamond: a girly mint green.  (This shade is inspired by the jade diamond.  Jade became a rare, valued gem in ancient China and remains a symbol of good luck today). 

Rose Diamond: a bright magenta pink.  (This shade is inspired by the rose diamond.  Pink roses symbolize love and femininity, and this color reflects that romantic, youthful spirit). 

(all swatches shown here are 2 coats and a top coat).

 All in all I really enjoyed this latest collection from AZATURE.  They are taking a chance and getting more bold and vivid with regards to their color offerings, and I think it will definitely pay off.  I found the formula as usual to be quite great and easy to work with.  My personal pics in this collection are: Coral & Lapis Diamonds. 

For more information on AZATURE, or to purchase, check out their beautifully re-designed website here: http://shop.azature.com/

CND Additives- Fall 2014 Modern Folklore Swatches

CND Additives- Fall 2014 Modern Folklore Swatches 0

Introducing, brand new for Fall 2014, the CND Additives Modern Folklore Collection.  Five stunning new pure pigments to add nail art and creative designs to your client's manicures.  I LOVE CND's Additives, and this new collection definitely doesn't disappoint!

Included in the Modern Folklore Collection is:

Ornate Halo: a glistening gilded golden yellow.

Rose Notion: a sparkling shimmering rose magenta pink.

Crushed Suede: a micro iridescent pearlized magenta/blue.  My personal favorite in this collection! It is so stunning in person, it is hard to put into words.  

Jade Rekindled: a glowing emerald jade green.

Plush Velour: a matte velvet navy blue.  I think this particular pigment would look incredible with a matte top coat. 

(all swatches shown here are over a black Shellac gel polish). 

All in all, I absolutely Love the Fall 2014 Modern Folklore Additives Collection.  I think the colors are absolutely stunning, and are quite different from all the other pigment Additives CND has already created.  As per usual, this Fall set is limited edition so I highly recommend picking up yours fast before it's too late!

For more information on CND, or to purchase, check them out here: http://www.cnd.com/

introducing jamberry Nails

introducing jamberry Nails 0

I am very excited to introduce jamberry nails to my readers.  This fun nail art driven line was started by 3 best friends/sisters.  What began as nail wraps in 2010, has expanded into a complete hand care line and nail lacquers, which launched more recently.      

Jamberry offers over 275 unique nail wrap designs, but  on display here are 3 of their styles- Zenna Henna (multi-print blue), Off the Chain (assorted gold chains), & Progression (black and white dot print).

I found them relatively easy to use.  I used a hair dryer for a few seconds on a hot setting in order to make the wraps more flexible.  I didn't have much difficulty smoothing them out, nor did I experience any lifting at the side walls or cuticle area.  Jamberry claims you can get 3-4 complete applications per sheet, I feel you can get 2 applications.  

 Also featured here is jamberry's professional nail lacquer line. The colors swatched here include:

Frosting: a shimmering pearly white.  I am very pleased with this shade, because normally pearly white polishes are very streaky.  But this shade was surprisingly streak free!   

Blush: a creamy bright coral.

Dusk: a deep dark slate gray with plum purple undertones.

(all swatches shown here are 2 coats with top coat).

I really enjoyed all the jamberry nail products I tried out here.  I look forward to seeing what they come up with in the future.

For mroe information on Jamberry, or to order, check them out here: http://www.jamberrynails.net/ 



Ruby Wing- The Wicked West Collection Swatches

Ruby Wing- The Wicked West Collection Swatches 0

Introducing the latest Summer 2014 collection of Ruby Wing solar color changing nail polishes, the Wicked West Collection! Six brand new shades that change color whether you are indoors or outside.

The Wicked West Collection includes:

Wanted Dead or Alive: a bright neon blue inside, and transforms into a darker royal blue when outside.

Back on the Saddle: a glistening light champagne glitter inside, that turns into a darker glittery peach tone outside.

Saloon Sweetheart: a creamy tomato red inside, that changes to a darker burgundy raspberry outdoors.

Tumbleweeds: a rich avocado green indoors, that changes to an olivey brown/green outside. 

Rodeo: a bright neon melon green indoors, that changes to a creamy camel beige outside.  This one I found changed the least in color.

Ride 'em Cowgirl: a gold glitter with added holographic glitter particles indoors, that changes to a scintillating magenta glitter outside.  My personal favorite in this collection!!

 (each swatch shown here was 2 coats with a top coat.)

I must say, I have seen and love color changing gel polish, but I have never seen nail polish that changes color that works as well as Ruby Wing.  The Glitter colors in particular blow my mind, especially "Ride 'em Cowgirl"; it's literally as if the glitter physically changes it's color.  I found the quality and consistency of the polishes to be quite great, they were very easy to work with and applied well with zero problems.  My personal pics of the Wicked West collection are: Saloon Sweetheart, Back on the Saddle, and Ride 'em Cowgirl. 


For more information on Ruby Wing, or to purchase, you can check them out here: http://rubywing.com/


Mika Akagawa of Marie Nails

Mika Akagawa of Marie Nails 0

Name: Mika Akagawa

Salon: Marie Nails, Koreatown, CA

Instagram: Mikahana555

What inspires your designs?


What's the most "out there." non-traditional material you've incorporated into a manicure?

Metal, wire, and lace. 

Describe a favorite manicure you've performed?

Anything simple, nude, clean, and clear. 

What's a favorite trick you've learned?


What's the most unique request you've received from a client?

A 2" tall 3D Mount Fuji out of acrylic that protruded from the nail. 

Can’t live without my Zuca Pro Artist!!

Can’t live without my Zuca Pro Artist!! 0

I can not hold it in any longer.  The industry's best kept secret is finally out!  If you don't yet know about Zuca, brace yourself, for your life and career will forever be transformed for the better!

I'd heard about Zuca travel bags for years from make up artists, hair dressers, and such, but I never dreamt the possibilities of what one could do for a nail tech like myself.  Considering I am always on the go, traveling to various photo shoots, client's homes, etc, I never had a trust worthy false-proof method of traveling with my extensive arsenal of supplies, let alone having it all perfectly organized.  I'm talking:  countless nail polishes, Acetone, Disinfectant, Gel supplies, Gel Curing Lamp, Acrylic Supplies, everything all in one and impeccably organized and entirely visible!

So I HAD to try one of these bad boys out for myself.  I chose the Zuca Pro Artist in Black/Black.  I kid you not it is the greatest product ever invented!  Every single solitary detail you could ever think of has been conceived of and inputted in this product's design.  I myself wouldn't have thought of half of the innovative things this bag can do on my own.  This was created by professionals for professionals.  

Not only are there multiple compartments, safe storing, a handle, a seat to sit on while on set (that holds up to 300 lbs!!), 2 different heights of the extendable handle bar, it's completely silent- due to shock absorbent wheels,  and durable construction, it's stylish too!!!

More about the Zuca Pro Artist itself!

The bag's dimensions are: 19.5" tall, 10" wide, and 13.5" deep, and it weighs only a total of 12 lbs!

It also meets FAA specifications for carry- on baggage, so no need to fear when flying! 

Included in the Zuca Pro Artist bag, are:

1 Small Utility Pouch (2.75" deep x 6.75" wide x 11" long), 4 Large Utility Pouches (2.5" deep x 7.75" wide x 11" long), and a matching Travel Cover, to protect the exterior of your bag during your explorations and adventures. The Utility Pouches are entirely lined with durable easily cleanable clear vinyl, so you can see exactly what products you need. The Travel Cover also has snap closures on the bottom, to ensure a snug and perfect fit that won't slip off.   

I can not speak highly enough of this bag.  I have never been able to properly carry all of the different products I need to sets and private client appointments with  as great of ease or organization.  The Zuca Pro Artist retails for $305, but I promise you the investment is beyond worth it, and you absolutely will not regret it.

For more information on Zuca, or to purchase, check them out here: http://www.zuca.com/


VBQ 90 Day Challenge

VBQ 90 Day Challenge 0

Naja Rickette (celebrity manicurist to the stars /Guinness World Record holder) & David Anthony (serial entrepreneur/President of Valentino Beauty Pure) have teamed up to create VBP International- The best gift they can offer to the beauty industry. You want to  make consistent money as a beauty professional? Now is your time !!!   These two are taking time out of their busy schedule and offering a ONE TIME ONLY 90 day challenge. They are taking on 28 lucky people  and giving them weekly one on one individual coaching, personalized attention to totally transform their business, brining it to the next level. Breaking thru their old thinking while
>  holding their hand every step of the way.
To take the 90 day challenge  and see how you can be part of #teamvbp check out


GELUV Shock Lumi Starter Kit- Summer 2014

GELUV Shock Lumi Starter Kit- Summer 2014 0

I am very excited to introduce to my fellow readers the latest gel polish kit from ANS (Alfalfa Nail Supply)- the GELUV Shock Lumi Starter Kit for Summer 2014. This is hands down the most comprehensive and complete gel polish kit I have ever seen on the market place!  If you are just beginning to familiarize yourself with gel, or if your collection can use some bright popping neon colors, than search no further, this is the kit for you!

 The amazing GELUV Shock Lumi Starter Kit literally contains everything you will need to perform a perfect sumptuous summer gel manicure from start to finish.  Inside the kit, you receive:

-2 bottles of Geluv Pro Coat (which serves as both your base and top coat. Also it cures in LED light in a record 10 seconds!! or 30 seconds in traditional UV lamps.)

- 10 shades of Geluv Gel Polish 

- 10 GelOff soak off clips (I personally LOVE these! They make soak off removal so easy, and not having to cut and fuss with aluminum foil ever again, these save me so much time!)

- 8oz Cleanser (Alcohol based)

- 8oz Remover (Acetone based)

- a French Gel Brush (for doing art/detail work, or for those who prefer to apply their gel polish in a more traditional paint- on application method).

- 5 Nail Files

- 5 Buffers

- 50 Wood Sticks

- 250 Lint Free Wipes

- a wheel of Neon Studs for Nail Art


The 10 GELUV Gel Polish shades included in the kit are:


- Deep Thoughts: the perfect quintessential black.

- Porcelain White: ideal bright white.  It can be used on it's own, or as a base to make the neon colors really pop to the extreme.

- Tupi Tupi Too: a bright hot firey apple red.

- Lipstick On His Collar: a hot magenta pink.

- Tetra-Cana: A stop traffic bright orange. 

- Tweet-This: a neon bright Highlighter yellow. One of my personal favorites in the collection.

- Mojito- Rita: a neon lime green with yellow undertones.  Also one of my favorite in the collection.

- Lucky Me: a bright grass green.

- Macaw-Ling Zoo: a beautiful bright sea ocean blue.

- Leggo My Eggplant: a pretty purple with a punch.

 (all of the colors shown swatched here, except for Deep Thoughts & Porcelain White, I layered over a base of Porcelain White in order to make the neon colors truly pop.)

All in all I am very pleased and impressed with this latest kit from GELUV.  Not only did I find the gel polishes of fantastic quality, but they were also very easy to work with.  I am so in love with the Pro Coat that cures in LED in just 10 seconds! That saves me so much time when performing manicures.  Most importantly, I can not get over the incredible value of this kit!  At only $149 this kit truly has Everything you need! I highly highly recommend it!

For more information on GELUV, or to purchase, check them out here:  http://buynailsdirect.com/

Introducing Crystal Nails

Introducing Crystal Nails 0

I am so excited to introduce my readers to Crystal Nails.  A revolutionary company that's changing the way we see and use gels! They have many innovative lines, that feature new and different technology that's never been seen before in the US! Some of the various lines I'll be reviewing of theirs include: Metallic finish, Magnet, 1 Step color, and Thermo Color Change.

ChroMe Crystalac- Mirrored Metallic!

12 new shades that offer an irresistible metal metallic like sheen that I personally have seen unparalleled to any other product out their on the market, other that foils.

The Colors I reviewed here include:

Silver, Gold, and Milk Pink.  

I found the finish to be irresistible on these shades.  Like a Mylar balloon, you really have to see it in person to get the full effect. 

Tiger Eye Crystalac!

12 gel polish colors that when you hold the magnet up to it, before final curing, a magnetized "tiger eye" effect is created, that shifts as one moves their hand.

The shade I tried out was TIG9, a deep dark beautiful purple. 

 1 Step Color!

Offered in many hues, this is probably hands down the quickest way to perform a gel manicure on a client.  Cures for 2 minutes in UV or 30-60 seconds in an LED light, this one stop shop gives you beautiful coverage and doesn't require a base or top coat. 

The color I reviewed here is OS46, a beautifully sparkling brilliant shade of glittery raspberry.

Chameleon Thermo Gels!

The last style of gel I tried from Crystal Nails was their Chameleon Thermo Gels, which change in color based on heat. 

The color I tried here was OS21, which starts off neutral as a warm coral red,  and shifts to a lighter bright shade of coral. 

All in all I am very pleased and impressed with the variety and offerings at Crystal Nails.  In order to gain hold of this vast nail industry, it's truly important to branch out and think outside of the box, and I believe Crystal Nails has done an excellent job in doing just that.

For more information on Crystal Nails, or to purchase, check them out here: http://www.crystalnails.com/


Marriett Marika Peterson of Marie Nails

Marriett Marika Peterson of Marie Nails 0

Name: Marriett Marika Peterson

Salon: Marie Nails, Koreatown, CA

Instagram: Mchan24

What inspires your designs?

Designs I haven't seen or done yet; also cartoons. 

What's the most "out there." non-traditional material you've incorporated into a manicure?

Butterfly wings, and dried flowers. 

Describe a favorite manicure you've performed?

My Melody with 3-D art.

What's a favorite trick you've learned?

Fixing up my work with a clean-up brush.  

What's the most unique request you've received from a client?

a Penis.  Also Japanese Kanji writing, which is a form of Japanese style characters.