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Spider Gel- falls biggest trend 0

Everyone is obsessing over the new stringy and stretchy spider gels that have recently hit the market.  These videos show the best examples of some fun designs to create with the innovative gel.

Personally I Love to rub chrome pigments into it once cured.  It creates a beautiful result.

SUNUV Portable Nail Tools Sterilizer review

SUNUV Portable Nail Tools Sterilizer review 0

I am so beyond excited to share this amazing innovative product with you all from the folks at SUNUV (Amazon's best selling nail lamp brand), their UV LED Sterilizer. 

The machine is a first of its kind, the world’s first portable UV nail tool sterilizer.

The sterilizer is small and compact, fits perfectly on a counter, charges with ease and provides quick and incredibly easy sterilization with the push of a button.  You press the button and essentially a 3 minute Sterilization session takes place, its honestly that simple.  (I personally wash my implements in warm soapy water to sanitize my tools prior to placing them in the sterilizer.)  

The machine destroys and kills bacteria and all sorts of germs; more specifically: Bacillus Coli, Influenza Virus, Bacillus Typhi, Bacillus Dysenteriae, Salmonella, Viralhepatitis, Micrococcus Gonococcus, and Much’s Bacillus. 

If you do nails, and see lots of different clients like I do, than this little gadget is an absolute must!

The machine retails for approximately $47, and is available online here: https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Sterilizer-Storage-Box-Personal-Care-Appliances-UV-Sterilizing-Ultraviolet-280nm-Wavelength-Killing-Germs/1921742_32856791378.html?spm=2114.12010611.0.0.43a94d1apo77Y8&smToken=8da8035c91a447cab86550f2ab5f1585&smSign=f%2BztfWBOoYUE6RcrQ7GfWA%3D%3D

New LeChat Spring 2018 Collections

New LeChat Spring 2018 Collections 0

I am excited to introduce to you all not one but two new collections for Spring 2018 from LeChat Nails.

“We cordially invite you to be our guest for tea time this Spring 2018 to celebrate the new Perfect Match English Rose collection.  These romantic and classic polishes are guaranteed to delight at the next high tea!

Perfect Match English Rose features muted pastel and nude shades including French Vanilla, a classic light beige cream; Royal Tea, a milky taupe cream; Chamomile, a light marigold cream; Tea Party, a pastel blush orange cream; Cucumber Mint, a soft sage mint cream and Violet Rose, a radiant orchid cream.”

The collection is comprised of the following shades-

Chamomile: a buttery yellow cream.

Tea Party: a salmon cream.

French Vanilla: a vanilla cream.

Royal Tea: a super soft greige cream.

Violet Rose: a soft lavender cream.

Cucumber Mint: a light green cream.

(all swatches shown here are 2 coats, and are taken outdoors in natural light).

This collection is super wearable.  I can already tell clients will go gaga over French Vanilla. They are all well pigmented, and applied smoothly and easily.

LeChat’s Spring 2018 Perfect Match English Rose collection can be found online at lechatnails.com. The Dare to Wear Nail Lacquers are $3.25 each or can be purchased as a set with the Perfect Match Gel Polish for $16.67 each.”

And for the second new collection-

The holographic, fan-favorite Spectra is back in 12 brand new, sparkling polishes that emit tiny rainbow

solar flares at your fingertips!

The 12 new colors include:

Aurora—Berry holographic glitter

Mars—Deep coral holographic glitter

Asteroid—Gold holographic glitter

Gemini—Blue holographic glitter

Neptune—Green holographic glitter

Outer Space—Dark violet holographic glitter

Galactic Pink—Bubblegum pink holographic glitter

Nebula—Soft salmon holographic glitter

Shooting Star—Yellow holographic glitter

Nene—Lime holographic glitter

Jupiter—Teal holographic glitter

Gravity—Ultramarine blue holographic glitter

Now I don’t have swatches of the entire 12 piece collection, but I do have 7 of the shades I will share with you-

Gemini: a holo true blue.

Gravity: a holo dark blue.  It is much darker shade of blue than Gemini.

Aurora: a holo fuschia pink.

Gaqlactic Pink: a light holo pink.

Mars: a holo orange.

Neptune: a holo grass green.

Nebula: a holo mocha brown.

(all swatches shown here are 2 coats, and are taken outdoors in natural light).

I personally really Love and adore this collection.  The colors really pop and come to life outside in the sun; though they still look beautiful indoors as well.  Like the other collection swatched and shared here, these painted on smoothly and easily and didn’t give me any issues whatsoever.

“The Perfect Match Spectra collection is available at lechatnails.com for $16.67 each or at an authorized

LeChat distributor near you. Please contact your sales representative for additional information.”

For more info on LeChat, check them out online- https://www.lechatnails.com/

ISSE 2018

ISSE 2018 0

I had a wonderful time and experience at this years ISSE (International Salon and Spa Expo) show in Long Beach.  While the convention was three full days, January 27-29, I was only able to attend one day.  Like last year, majority of nail exhibitors were designated to a specific area, making it a lot easier to peruse all of the various brands.

Some of the nail brands showing include: Bio Sculpture Gel, Bio Seaweed Gel, Christrio, Famous Names LLC, Joya Mia, Le Chat, Nail Labo, ella + mila, Kokoist, China Glaze, EZ Flow, ibd, O’nine, E Nail Couture, Gellico, Revel nail, Missu, Orly, Odyssey Nail Systems.

There were however a few brands that have shown in the past that were not in attendance this year.  They include: Entity Beauty, inm, Kupa, essie, CND, Young Nails, Gelish, Skyline Beauty Supply, Morgan Taylor, Artistic Nail Design, NCLA, Bluebird, Akzentz, Color Club, and Vetro.

Nonetheless, I still learned a lot from the various brands in attendance.  

Over at Le Chat, they have 12 new Spectra holographic shades in both gel and nail polish launching February 27. One of my favorite nail educators and world competition champion Anastasiia Morozova, taught me various tips and tricks.  For instance, if you are using a model or a friend to practice nails on and they don’t want them permanent and would like to remove them easily, paint 3 or 4 layers of nail polish top coat; this will allow the model to remove the gels easily.  Black gel polish should be cured for a full 60 seconds in an LED light, as opposed to 30 seconds, because it is so highly pigmented. 

There were a few brands showing for the first time that were creating quite a stir, like Gellio and Missu.  

            In general, I love a good trade show, and if you work or are interested in nails, ISSE is for sure worth checking out.

Russian Manicure 0

There is so much controversy concerning this technique that removes virtually all cuticle from the nail plate, allowing the nail tech to paint super close to the cuticle line, allowing for a smoother grow out.  After one week the clients nails will still look brand new.  After two weeks the clients nails will look like just one week’s growth.  Check out these videos to learn more about the technique

Tammy Taylor Gelegance Gel Polish Review

Tammy Taylor Gelegance Gel Polish Review 0

I am so beyond excited to share with you all the awesome gel polish line, Gelegance, from Tammy Taylor.  I’ve been dying to get my hands on some, to experiment, test out the quality, and report back to you all.  I’ve got a few collections to share with you.

SPOOKY CHIC (a limited edition Halloween themed collection)

Black Widow: a deep dark burgundy cream. [dark burgundy]

Squad Ghouls: a deep dark burgundy, similar in vein to Black Widow, but with fine shimmer. [mahogany with rust shimmer]

Creep it Real: a super dark blackened green with a fine shimmer. [Halloween green with shimmer]

Trick or Treat: a dark blackened purple cream. [black plum]

MERRY & BRIGHT (a limited edition Christmas themed collection)

Shimmering Reindeer: a bronze frosted shimmer. [light golden bronze metallic frost]

Christmas Wish: a yellow gold frosted shimmer. [light gold metallic frost]

Gingerbread Girl: a rose gold frosted shimmer. [rose gold metallic frost]

Snow Queen: a silver frosted shimmer. [silver metallic frost]

[my only gripe about this line is each color required 3 coats for full opacity.  I personally wish they were more pigmented and got full coverage in only 2 coats.]

BARELY BEIGE (a collection of nude creams)

XO Beige: a creamy nude with brown and mocha undertones. [peach beige]

Cashmere Beige: a creamy nude with a mauve undertone. [mauve beige]

Luxe Beige: a creamy skintone nude. [soft beige]

Fawn Beige: a creamy nude with brown undertones. [taupe beige]

Seychelles Beige: a creamy nude with light pink undertones. [pink beige] 

URBAN GLAM (a sultry dark night’s sky collection)

Velveteen: an oxblood cream. [deep brick red]

Lavish: a deep dark blood red cream. [Bordeaux]

Vampy Violet: a dark purple eggplant cream. [deep plum]

Haute Couture: a dark graphite grey cream. [gun metal gray]

Ferosh Black: a jet black cream.  I am obsessed with this black.  This is honestly my new go to for black! It is so richly pigmented! [true intense black]

Overall I have had a FANTASTIC experience with the Tammy Taylor Gelegance line.  This is honestly my new favorite line of gel polish on the market.  The colors are highly pigmented, and I get complete coverage in two coats (except with the metallic frosts).  The colors do not pull, spread, move, or wrinkle.  They paint on smoothly, easily, and evenly.  Other brands of gel polish can pull either away from the cuticle or from the free edge, but not Gelegance.  Another major issue with gel polishes can be wrinkling, caused by either poor formulations or applying the gel polish way too heavy handed.  I didn’t experience Any wrinkling what so ever with Tammy Taylor.

I honestly can’t stress enough how truly impressed I am with this brand.  If you haven’t given them a try yet, I highly recommend you do.  You and your clients will thank me.

For more info on Tammy Taylor, or to purchase online, check them out here: http://retail.tammytaylornails.com/home.html

Madam Glam Review!

Madam Glam Review! 0

I am very excited to share with you all my experiences with Madam Glam products. 

I’ll rank the products from my most favorite to my least favorite.

Soak-Off Builder Gel – hear I have the builder gel in “Builder Light Page”.  Builder gels in a bottle have become increasingly popular recently.  I think the bottle packaging makes it a much easier and friendly product to use.  The gel self-leveled smoothly and easily.  The gel provides much strength and also structure to what would otherwise be a very flat or imperfect nail, for example if your client has bad splits, pitting, or ridges in their nails. I think the color is very flattering for most skin tones. I highly recommend it.

Soak-Off Gel Polish – I really loved the formulas on these gel polishes.  They are very highly pigmented, and achieved almost complete and full coverage with even one coat.  With two coats you have perfect and complete coverage.  They self-leveled smoothly, easily, and evenly.  I also highly recommend giving their gel polish a try.   

Deep Burgundy: a dark burgundy cream with slight blue undertones.

 -   Fancy Bikini: a creamy taupey nude with a slight lavender undertone.

Soak-Off Crackled Marble Gel – if you guys remember the huge “crackle” polish trend a few years back, now you can achieve the same look and results but in a gel formula.  It was very easy to use and worked super quickly. 

  • Comfort Handcuffs: a purple cream.

Soak- Off Metallic Hybrid Gel – I personally was most looking forward to trying these out, but was sadly disappointed.  They are insanely finicky, tricky, and annoying to work with.  I followed all of the instructions carefully.  After many unsuccessful attempts, including watching multiple You Tube videos featuring tricks for a smooth and easy application, I didn’t experience such luck.  I thought these would be a fantastic alternative to chrome powders, but I was wrong.  I tried letting them air dry for long periods of time, I tried curing them in LED light for minutes at a time, I tried using various top coats, all of which dulled the finish. If I a professional can’t get these to work, how are you at home supposed to?  I had such high hopes for these but unfortunately I was displeased and wouldn’t recommend them.

  • Private Jet: a dark metallic gunmetal hematite.
  • Play Date: a coppery metallic rose gold.
  • Losing Control: a metallic darkened pewter.

Overall I was pretty pleases with my initial Madam Glam experience.  There are products I love and others not so much.  No line out there is perfect in my opinion.  I absolutely love the color guide on the top of the bottles.  More companies should do the same thing.  Also, I think the amount you receive, .5 fl oz (15 mL) is very generous.

For more info on Madam Glam, check them out online here: https://www.madamglam.com/


The Little Miss Nutcracker Holiday 2017 Collection

The Little Miss Nutcracker Holiday 2017 Collection 0

"Joy to the world, Gelish and Morgan Taylor bring you the Little Miss Nutcracker 2017 Collection for the holiday season! Inspired by toy soldiers and nutcrackers, this collection brings holiday cheer to light with seven lively shades. From glistening silver metallic to a bold, red shimmer, each shade will bring cheer to your nails and heart throughout the festivities.  As an added Holiday bonus the collection features a limited edition silver special effect glitter than can be worn alone or as an overlay on top of any of the collection shades for an even more festive look! 

"We like to keep the color palette joyful and full of spirit for the holidays," says Danny Haile, CEO. "This collection was extra fun to create as we used an assortment of glitters and metallic finishes expressing that new toy shine look for your manicure.  We also wanted to make the shades even more over the top so we created a special glitter effect that should be paired with all of the collection colors." according to the official press release. 

The Little Miss Nutcracker Holiday 2017 collection is comprised of the following shades-

You Crack me up: a glittery green. [bright green glitter]

Baby its Bold Outside: a navy blue cream. [navy blue cream]

Dreaming of Gleaming: a shimmering metallic silver. [silver metallic]

Silver in my Stocking: an irregular chunky shaped silver glitter in a clear base.  Can be used on its own with a few coats, or can be painted on top of any shade. [silver special effect]

Just tutu Much: a shimmering metallic gold. [gold metallic]

Plum- thing Magical: a shimmering purple plum. [royal purple shimmer]

Don’t toy with my Heart: a crimson red shimmer. [red shimmer]

     This is a super fun collection especially for the upcoming holiday season.  The collection plays with a lot of different textures and finishes- some glitter, some shimmer, some metallic, there is a bit of something for everyone.    

     I found all of the shades applied smoothly, evenly, and easily and didn't give me any trouble whatsoever.  Each color was fully opaque in two coats, except of course for Silver in my Stocking.

My personal favorite shades in this collection are: Baby its Bold Outside, and Silver in my Stocking.  They would also look beautiful layered together 😉

The Morgan Taylor lacquers are 0.5 fl oz (15 mL), and the Gelish MINI are 0.3 fl oz (9 mL).

 “The joy doesn’t stop there; get the entire collection in matching nail lacquer and gel polish shades! Pop open the toy box and get ready to play with the Little Miss Nutcracker 2017 Collection from Gelish MINI and Morgan Taylor; at MorganTaylorLacquer.com and SallyBeauty.com. For more info, please visit www.GelishMINI.com or www.MorganTaylorLacquer.com




LeChat 2 New Fall 2017 Collections

LeChat 2 New Fall 2017 Collections 0

I'm excited to share with you all 2 new collections for fall 2017 from LeChat Perfect Match- Modern Muse and Exposed.

the Modern Muse Collection consists of-

Destiny: a deep super dark navy blue cream.

Harmony: a milk chocolate brown cream.

Olivia: an olive green cream.

Athena: a dusty brick red cream.

Grace: a grayed out lavender mauve cream.

Felicity: an orange pumpkin spice cream.


the Exposed Collection includes-

Innocence: a light ballet slipper pink cream.

Laced up: a light nude beige cream.

Babydoll: a soft salmon nude cream.

Nude Affair: a pink nude cream.  Is most similar to Babydoll

Honeybuns: a creamy peach nude cream.

Cocoa Kisses: a taupe nude cream.

(all swatches shown here are 2 coats, and are taken outdoors in natural light). 

The Modern Muse collection is comprised of 6 autumnal cream shades that are a great way to transition into the cooler winter months.  The shades have a dusty earthy feel to them and offer something to appeal to every one.

The Exposed collection is really awesome, because its made of 6 different creamy nude shades, one to go with every skin tone.  Clients can never get enough nudes, because they are always on the hunt for the most perfect one.  There is a shade here for virtually every woman, or man.

All of the gels applied smoothly, easily, and evenly.  I didn't experience any issue whatsoever like shrinking, pulling, bubbling, or wrinkling. 

And as you know these Perfect Match sets are so perfect because you get both the gel polish and the nail lacquer, so all of your clients needs are taken care of. 

Both of these fall collections are out and available now.

For more info, check out LeChat online: https://www.lechatnails.com/